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Sean and Alexis

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Our Story

Sean and Alexis first locked eyes in May 2021 at Loser’s Bar & Grill in Nashville, TN. Although they met at Loser’s Bar & Grill, they were in fact winners in the making that night!

Through the chatter of the crowd and live country music, Sean immediately noticed Alexis from across the crowded bar. Upon approaching her, he decided to make a statement that would surely grab her attention, he said “I’m headed to the bar to buy you a drink, what do you want?” Alexis, not skipping a beat replied “Aren’t you going to ASK me if I’d like a drink? And I'm flattered, but I’m with my mom!” Sean’s confidence took Alexis by surprise, but he’d already made up his mind - so he replied “That’s your mom? That’s perfect, I’m buying her a drink too!”

During Alexis and Claudia’s Mother/Daughter trip to Nashville, Sean and Alexis became inseparable. Alexis went back to Scottsdale, AZ but they couldn’t keep each other off of their minds. They stayed in touch and the next month Sean came to visit Alexis in Arizona. As they grew closer and started dating long distance, Alexis made the move to Nashville in November 2021.

Over the last couple years, Sean and Alexis have continuously grown as a couple and a team! They’ve accomplished many milestones together... from finding their home church together, starting new careers, purchasing their first condo, and Alexis even decorating their guest room “farmhouse style” to let Sean keep his trophy deer on the wall! On 11/10/22, Sean got down on one knee and told Alexis he loves her more than anyone or anything he’s ever laid eyes on. That he would always honor, respect, and love her unconditionally and asked for her hand in marriage - she said YES!

They are celebrating their commitment of marriage to each other before God, Family and Friends on 04/12/2024! Please join in celebrating Sean and Alexis as they start the next chapter of their journey together!